Naskah drama bahasa Inggris
by William Shakespeare

Dramatis Personae
  1. DUNCAN, King of Scotland 
  2. MALCOLM, elder son of Duncan 
  3. DONALBAIN, younger son of Duncan 
  4. MACBETH, Thane of Glamis and Cawdor, a general in the King's army 
  5. LADY MACBETH, his wife 
  6. BANQUO, Thane of Lochaber, a general in the King's army 
  7. FLEANCE, his son 
  8. MACDUFF, Thane of Fife, a nobleman of Scotland 
  9. LADY MACDUFF, his wife 
  10. LENNOX, nobleman of Scotland 
  11. ROSS, nobleman of Scotland 
  12. MENTEITH, nobleman of Scotland 
  13. ANGUS, nobleman of Scotland 
  14. CAITHNESS, nobleman of Scotland 
  15. SIWARD, Earl of Northumberland, general of the English forces 
  16. YOUNG SIWARD, his son 
  17. SEYTON, attendant to Macbeth 
  18. Another Lord 
  19. An English Doctor 
  20. A Scottish Doctor 
  21. A Sergeant 
  22. Boy, Son of Macduff 
  23. Gentlewoman attending on Lady Macbeth 
  24. A Captain serving Duncan 
  25. A Porter 
  26. An Old Man 
  27. Three Murderers of Banquo 
  28. First Murderer at Macduff's castle 
  29. Messenger to Lady Macbeth 
  30. Messenger to Lady Macduff 
  31. Servant to Lady Macbeth 
  32. Servant to Lady Macduff 
  33. Three witches or weird sisters 
  34. HECATE, Queen of the Witches 
  35. Three Apparitions (Lords, Gentlemen, Officers, Soldiers, Murderers, Attendants, and Messengers)
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