Romeo and Juliet

Naskah drama bahasa Inggris
by William Shakespeare


1. ESCALUS prince of Verona. (PRINCE:)
2. PARIS a young nobleman, kinsman to the prince.
                           |  heads of two houses at variance with each other.
4. CAPULET     |
5. An old man, cousin to Capulet. (Second Capulet:)
6. ROMEO son to Montague.
7. MERCUTIO kinsman to the prince, and friend to Romeo.
8. BENVOLIO nephew to Montague, and friend to Romeo.
9. TYBALT nephew to Lady Capulet.
                                        |  Franciscans.
11. FRIAR JOHN           |
 12. BALTHASAR servant to Romeo.
 13. SAMPSON     |
                              |  servants to Capulet.
14. GREGORY     |
 15. PETER servant to Juliet's nurse.
16. ABRAHAM servant to Montague.
17. An Apothecary. (Apothecary:)

Three Musicians.
18. (First Musician:)
19. (Second Musician:)
20. (Third Musician:)

Page to Paris; (PAGE:)  another Page; an officer.
21. LADY MONTAGUE wife to Montague.
22. LADY CAPULET wife to Capulet.
23. JULIET daughter to Capulet.Nurse to Juliet. (Nurse:)

Citizens of Verona; several Men and Women, relations to both houses; Maskers, Guards, Watchmen, and Attendants.
24. (First Citizen:)
25. (Servant:)
26. (First Servant:)
27. (Second Servant:)
28. (First Watchman:)
29. (Second Watchman:)
30. (Third Watchman:)

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